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British Columbia is a beautiful place to live. It’s also a lovely place to attend University. Just a few minutes outside of downtown Vancouver is the hundred-year old University of British Columbia. With students coming from around the world to take undergraduate courses and specialized graduate programs. It is truly a global center; a city in itself.

Irving_K._Barber_Library university of british columbia

At UBC, a mixture of the old & new architecture and effervescent natural surroundings.

Learning to become a doctor takes dedication. As someone who cares for people’s health on a daily basis, Dr. Mark Reichman recognizes the importance of his educational community. This stems from his connection with the faculty at University of British Columbia. There have been remarkable changes in the field since the very first dental class graduated forty years ago.

Dental health is essential to public health. When you look at the number of uninsured individuals, and compare how the government informs dental practice, how dietary habits affect oral health, you see how essential access to dentistry is. By providing access to educational opportunities, UBC produces more informed and aware dentists. It’s a great program.

The UBC Faculty of Dentistry has been fundamental to advances in oral health sciences by preparing doctors for the field. They boast the most technologically developed dental clinic in the world, the Nobel BioCare Oral Health Centre.

As the Dean Charles Shuler states, the UBC Faculty of Dentistry anticipates exciting milestones in its time.

  • 40th anniversary of the graduation of the first dental class
  • 50th anniversary of the opening of the school
  • 100th anniversary of the University of British Columbia

UBC recently celebrated its 2016 graduation for those in the dental program. Congratulations!