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We all like to know how other patients have fared when we make an appointment with a new doctor.

If you’re coming in to see Dr. Mark Reichman, be prepared for a pleasant, safe, and comfortable appointment.  Dr. Reichman is the top oral surgeon in Vancouver, according to ratings on

Here are some testimonials from current and former patients of Dr. Mark Reichman.

dr. mark reichman vancouver patient review

Even though this patient came in for the somewhat nerve-wracking wisdom teeth surgery, he was made comfortable and put at ease at Dr. Mark Reichman’s office.

Your oral health is important to us. This is why Dr. Mark Reichman takes every step necessary to make sure patients feel comfortable in his office.  Oral health should be fun and interesting, not threatening.

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be a daunting experience. Perhaps you’re hesitant about anesthesia or have a phobia of going to the dentist.  Whatever the case, Dr. Mark Reichman is experienced with all kinds of procedures and surgeries. You will be in good hands.

What exactly is it like to get your wisdom teeth out? Why is important to have a good oral surgeon? You can learn more about the wisdom teeth procedure on Dr. Mark Reichman’s blog.


Here is another testimonial from a 2014 procedure:

May 31, 2014

We are a husband/wife team that are both general dentists and when it came to selecting an oral surgeon in Vancouver to remove our son’s four impacted wisdom teeth, it was an easy decision. We have both seen Dr. Riechman’s patients after various oral surgical procedures over the past decade (including orthognathic and plastic surgery) and know that Mark Reichman is skilled, knowledgeable, and has excellent chair-side manner. The staff are very professional as well and put patients at ease.

Dr. Mark Reichman is elated to have left such a positive impression! We pride ourselves on compassion at our office.

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