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dr. mark reichman ratemds


“I’ve just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed today by Dr. Reichman and it went even bette than I was expected. I’m a young woman (21), so I’ve never actually had any anaesthetic before (I went fully under). Anyways I was super nervous because of this but he and his staff were EXTREMELY helpful. Asked me very nicely and patiently if I had any questions or concerns about what was going to happen. Then he put the needle in and that was that!” 

I received this review from a wonderful patient. It’s great to hear that such a procedure can be so easy and painless.


“It was very skillfully done and I was out like a light. I woke up as he was putting the stitches in (I kind of freaked out because this was like that horrible episode of grey’s anatomy where a patient woke up mid surgery coming true. Is it becoming obvious that I’m a 21 year old girl? Dr. Reichman explained to me very calmly that I had a problem with sleep apnea and he didn’t want to use any more anesthetic than absolutely necessary due to the fact that I might experience some breathing problems. I was put at ease instantly. I also couldn’t feel any pain so I was A-okay. So all in all I was incredibly impressed with him. I truly believe that he had my best interests at heart and after only meeting him once, I completely trusted him. While I was in their recovery room, he came over to my boyfriend and I and explained exactly how severe the sleep apnea was (moderate) and that I might want to look at getting a chin repositioning surgery to correct it as it will only get worse with age. There was no pressure, just information. I honestly would give a 4.5 for punctuality as it took about 15-20 minutes after my appointment time to head in. That being said though I don’t really have problem with it because I know the only reason they would be behind is if their previous patients needed some extra care. And I have no doubt he and his staff would take the time to do that instead of rushing them out the door in order to keep on a strict schedule. Their office also literally just phoned to ask how I was doing, what was I eating, how is the bleeding and again: do I have any questions or concerns? Truly a great experience considering what was being done. Hope this helps anyone!”

-Patient, January 20, 2015


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